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Our Mission

We believe in the power of youth sports to develop high-character individuals and forge lasting memories for families. We believe, that youth sports organizations have a responsibility to create an environment in which children can be inspired and flourish. This positive environment can only be fostered by Caring, Committed, and Competent coaching staff. 


CAS exists to help youth sports organizations find the right people to work with their children and families, who stand to benefit so much from the lessons and relationships that sports provide.


Our core values of Honesty, Hard Work, and Humility are reflected by the staff that we provide to the clubs and organizations that we serve.

What We Do

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To put it simply: WE CONNECT. With over 100 years of combined experience playing, coaching, and administrating the game of soccer, our staff have the connections and expertise to effectively serve clubs and organizations from every level of the soccer industry.


Every relationship we develop is underpinned by our servant mentality - how can we best serve you?


StaffingCASConnect is our staffing model. We assist clubs in hiring staff who fit their needs. Our vetting process ensures that clubs will be hiring high-character individuals who adhere to our values of honesty, hard work, and humility.


Employment - We find employment for staff by connecting them with the right clubs. Our club connections enable us to find quality and enriching experiences for coaches in a variety of locations.


Consulting - Our consultancy can address a wide range of issues while working within your budget parameters: from staffing and HR pain points to strategizing and executing your club's role within the community.


Camps - The execution of community camps for recreation, developmental, and identification purposes can be a difficult but necessary process. We assist you in bringing a full, quality camp experience to your community


We represent the best interests of our staff and our clients. We are flexible in our approach. We staff and consult at all levels from grassroots and community outreach through to the professional ranks.


CAS' goal is to aid an ecosystem of coaches, clubs/organizations, and families that exists to help children grow and thrive through youth sports.

Formed in 2017 as a staffing and HR solution, CAS has evolved to consult and support some of the most reputable youth sport organizations and professional soccer clubs in North America and Europe.


CAS currently underpins a range of programming (primarily in the youth soccer landscape), from grassroots programs all the way up to professional clubs.  Our expertise lies in connecting organizations with the communities that surround them.



913 N Market Street
Wilmington, DE 19801